About Street children

DSC_0107This December 2012 we celebrated the first Christmas since we set up these pages

I send greetings, and a Merry Christmas to our supporters who are helping us. It is wonderful that you think about us. At this time we are thinking about you.
Galina and Natalia and others do this with strength only from your support and the results they see with these children as they become good adults.

From donations received since we set up the web page ……
Galina and other volunteers will buy 300 presents for children this Christmas.
Your Donations will help many, many people. Ten dollars goes a long way to help.

See Archive – December 2012.


All over the world there are problems with Children living on the streets. Galina and Natalia are constantly and tirelessly working to help and I don’t know where they get the energy unless it is from your support.

This web page is to hopefully gain your help, please. To do the following :

  • explain what was started in Kherson by Galina
  • continue the solution in Kherson, Ukraine and
  • allow you to contact the people in Kherson
  • gain funds to continue the work done in Kherson Ukraine by the lovely people there,
  • to bring to your attention the plight of thousands of children in Ukraine and
  • specifically for those being helped by Galina Kuleshova and her helpers in Kherson, Ukraine.

Please make a Donation .

I have travelled to Kherson Ukraine, (Alan Walker – Author of this page).  I went to see, witness for myself and I can tell you, Galina needs your help, this worthy cause needs your help.  Please send some dollars or Pounds or Euros.

All Donations are registered and accounted for. Your donation will be put to good use.

The Ukraine government since the fall of Communism and the break away from Russia has a poor economy and very high unemployment. See the October 2012 Archive (right) for general information.

These few pages are to try and

  • inform you of the dedicated individuals here in Kherson who selflessly want to help these children without homes,
  • make it so these children do not have to live in the sewers in winter to keep warm.
  • Stop young children turning to prostitution, give them an alternative life.

These selfless people have often two or more jobs to sustain themselves and their own families, yet still each day they dedicate their time and efforts to these children. They are intelligent people, happy people, genuine people but they need funds.

They give these children a safe temporary home away from getting involved in prostitution, drugs and begging. Feed them, keep them warm, teach them and allow them to progress onwards into adulthood with a positive outlook.

Initially the children have health problems, parasites and worse. They get medical treatment and clothing, food and shelter.

But at Christmas…..can you imagine Christmas?

Galina  and others have been doing this now for 15 years and there are many success stories. 8000 children in the past 15 years have been helped by Galina’s group in Kherson without Government funding. The work continues but they need Donations.

The orphanage is provided by the Ukraine government, an empty building outside the city, but they need funding as only the organisation in major cities such as Kiev receive government aid. We cannot turn our backs on these children and the people of Ukraine are struggling, the economy is poor which is why we see this situation.

Please look at these few pages. Ask yourself questions to verify why your donation would be used. But please, please donate.

They need donations, desperately need your help. Ten dollars will take food to a child in hospital. I know because I went there and did it.

You would not believe how even the smallest amount would help.

If you have children, look at your own children, see them smile, smell their clean skin and think of these poor children.

Also see more on Gavroche Facebook 


9 responses to “About Street children

  1. Galina .. not only for experiencing the problem to street kids … but does everything for them! there are people already … as Galina!

  2. i will stop in when I am in Kherson this fall. It is tragic for the children and thank you for being there for them.

  3. Hello, I as adopted by a American family. I am trying to find the orphanage that I lived in for 3 in Kherson Ukraine. I was wondering if I could find out if this the orphanage I was in?

    • You would need to read the history of how this started with Galina and check against your timeline. It is possible that it could be a different place as this organisation has until recently had limited authority and I don’t think they would be involved in adoption outside Ukraine.

      • Would like to send packages of needy item to you and your group, I chatted with you on my face book page. I am Anthony Laporte from the USA and have been trying to find a way to help.

      • For additional information, I have a Doctrate of Science in Environmental Psychology and when in Ukraine several years ago I anticipated establishing drug, alcohol and abuse counseling centers, would be great to reconsider with you organization. Hope to hear soon. Would research funding opportunities and place with you group. Take care.

        Anthony Laporte, DSc.

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