Street Children Kherson, Ukraine

What’s it all about?

What are Street Children?

They are children who have left home due to abuse or are abandoned, orphaned or are living on the streets for a number of heart breaking reasons.

In Ukraine this is a huge problem. In cities like Kherson, (not one of the main cities in Ukraine) it is more of a problem as there is very little help from the government as resources are scarce.

For fifteen years Galina Kuleshova and her friends have been working tirelessly to save these children and put them on a path of safe environment, education and training to get them off the streets, out of living in sewers and onto a positive path to adult life.

Their rewards do not come immediately, but many years later, when these volunteers¬† meet these children again as adults, are recognised with ‘remember me?’.

This is reward enough.  Can you imagine ? You can help in this too.



You would not believe how much a contribution of

20 , 30 or 100 dollars, Euros or pounds can make a difference.

Please, read on,  think, feel, understand, but most of all please donate.