Ukraine, Kherson – Some poor families live in these conditions

The levels of poverty in many countries surprise those of us with normal lives. Even in developed countries there is poverty and usually the state can afford to help.
In Ukraine the people are lovely, genuine but for many the poverty levels are often very poor.
Here I show you the living conditions of many poor families.

They sometimes have kitchen and bathroom together as can be seen here in the picture on the left.

Sleeping arrangements can be worse than basic for these poor children. If they have parents at all, sometimes the parents are abusive, alcoholic, drug takers or prostitutes. When poverty is present people are desperate and children often suffer.

Children sometimes are pushed out of the home, parents may die or children may run away from abuse and live on the streets.

Anyone with a caring family will find it hard to imagine, but here are some pictures which explain better than words.

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