Good News

(Girl in Centre) graduated from the College of Medicine

Recently there was a Graduation of a young lady, helped with her Education and care by this group in the past. From the age of 9 years for many years.

Here we see a picture of this young lady (centre) at the Graduation of the College of Medicine with two ladies who manage this organisation on a daily basis.

Galina Kuleshova (on the Left), our new Graduate Olena Oleynik (centre) and Natalia Selivanova (right).

The group have helped this young lady since she was 9 years old (now 19 years).

These successes are from where the motivation comes.

This is how donations are invested in the future of these young people.

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Recently a summer camp was organised for the current children, a week break by the sea not far from Kherson.

Below are some photographs of the week and this event which is a rare possibility.