Ty Ivankov – has no parents, but has Acute Leukemia.

This young girl is only 12 years old and lives at a school because she is orphaned and has no parents.

In July 2012, Ty was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia and it is known that outside Ukraine or a child with parents has the chance of treatment and good food to fight this disease.

Please look at the pictures of Ty, she looks healthy now, but what can we do?

Please contact us with advice or send donations to help.

Without parents this is a difficult situation.

There is no state funded health system in Ukraine. We need your help.

Please, go to the contact us page with advice and / or the Donate page.

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Street Children Die in China.

All over the world there are problems with Children living on the streets. Today was reported a tragic event in China and now the Chinese are soul searching for solutions.


Here in Ukraine, a country on the edge of Europe should not have this problem.

This web page is to help solve this same problem in Kherson, Ukraine.

  • find and continue the solution in Kherson, Ukraine and
  • continue the work done in Kherson Ukraine by the lovely people there,
  • to bring to your attention the plight of thousands of children in Ukraine and
  • specifically for those being helped by Galina Kuleshova and her friends in Kherson, Ukraine.

                                                                    Please make a Donation .

I have been there, I went to see, witness for myself and I tell you, Galina needs your help.

This worthy cause needs your help.  Just please send some dollars or Pounds or Euros.                            Please Donate.

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