First Christmas with new web pages

This December we celebrate the first Christmas since we set up

  • the new web pages here,
  • the Gavroche Facebook page     and

  • Twitter .

Some donations have been received, thank you.

These donations will be carefully used to make improvements to the lives of many poor children and families in Kherson, Ukraine this Christmas.

This charity is a huge undertaking for Galina and her friends.

They stand before a huge and overwhelming undertaking and continue with a faith that seems to be endless. I simply do not know or understand how they do it, but they keep going.

They have made a huge difference to literally thousands of lives over the past years, without recognition or reward.

Your donations, no matter how small, they really help, but in a number of ways.

  1. They give material help to these children, but also
  2. to make Galina and her friends and these poor children understand that other people outside Ukraine actually care.

For a child without a family, to know that someone actually cares about them is a huge thing. Thank you all for reading this and God bless those of you who make a donation.

I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a great New Year.

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