January 2013

What a year was 2012.

There was a new web page here and also Facebook and now Twitter.  All the pages are maintained Free-of-charge and there is nothing taken from Donations apart from the Paypal charge (which is actually paid in again by one of our helpers).

So ALL of the donations , every cent, penny and Euro that is donated is going to Galina and the Street Children and poor families that are helped by Galina Kulishova, Natalia Salivanova and their devoted friends.

This Christmas and New Year over 500 children and people in Kherson benefited from your donations or your help in setting up these pages. It was an amazing achievement.

But the work goes on relentlessly and donations make things possible where sometimes there is no possibility to help.

In June 2012 we asked for donations to help Tye and her struggle but it was not answered and things do not look to be improving.

We start a New Year and new challenges and only so much can be done without resources. Those in Kherson Pray for your help and sometimes those thoughts are answered.

Thank you all for 2012, now we move on into a New Year.