We take a Mashuka (bus) to the Children’s Hospital – March 2013


It was a cold overcast day. Galina , Natalia and myself met at a supermarket in Kherson, Ukraine and then went to find the Mashutka (bus) to take us to the hospital.

Galina explained that Ty, who we mentioned before in November (see November Post) was not doing so well.

I went into the supermarket while we were waiting for Natalia and bought some fruit, yoghurt and a few sweets to take to Ty.

I don’t like hospitals, anywhere I don’t like them, but a children’s hospital is something else.

Once inside the Hospital a member of staff brings Ty into the corridor to meet us. Ty explains to Galina that she is not very well and is also very hungry.

Ty has been in hospital now for 16 months.

Another lady arrives with her small son, she knows Galina and her little boy is very ill.

I quickly take some photographs and Ty (just as quickly) leaves saying that she must go and eat the fruit. She is hungry.

I understand how just by taking a bag of fruit, which is such a small thing for me to do, makes a big difference. But it is not medicine.

Sometimes these children just need to know that IMG_6655


somebody cares. Galina explains that it is not possible to visit the hospital every day as sometimes there is no money to make the trip.

Ty has no family and without the visits from Natalia and Galina, there are no visitors.

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