November Temperatures falling

Now it is time to worry about these children as the weather changes and the winter in Ukraine will see temperatures fall progressively.

In the early part of next year the temperature will fall below -15 Centigrade for long periods and this is the dangerous time for people who live on or under the streets without enough food or the means to keep themselves warm.

The children are often unseen in the winter, hiding in the underground drainage systems or derelict and dangerous buildings, hiding from the cold. 

The problem is still there, the work goes on, and if possible, if there is the willingness to help with donation, the volunteers will be sure to send them food and try to get them shelter and any treatment they will need.

It is important that going towards Christmas we think about the children. Christmas in Ukraine is early January, the time when the wise men were supposed to have arrived where Jesus was born. How many of these poor children will even know that it is a special time of celebration? 

One of the problems the children have is that they think that nobody cares about them, that they are not important to anyone, nobody wants to see them.

Can you imagine ?   Can these Children survive the cold? see the link below…..

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