Too close for Comfort – Crimea

Here we are in March 2014.

Today I was talking to Galina on Skype and she was telling me about the atmosphere there in Kherson.

‘It’s quite scary’ she said.


There are few donations and the UAH has fallen against the Dollar (which actually means that donations have a higher value in he local currency).

But on the ground in Kherson which is very close to Crimea and the troops, trucks, tanks of the military, it is very scary. There has been some panic buying in the shops and cost of essentials have gone up. Consequently now is more of a time of need than ever and there is no help from Government, local economy and few donations.

It all looks a bit bleak in addition to being scary.

We outside of Ukraine, we all watch the news and maybe don’t understand the reality, then we may go and buy ourselvesĀ  a Big Mac.

Please think how difficult it is now in Ukraine in general, but also in Kherson specifically and the area close to Crimea where there are many poor families, children without homes little food and women living as single parent families. They need your help.

Please think how you can help is this part of Ukraine, where the people are lovely and they do not deserve to have this hardship.

Bear in mind this is a group of people where all your donation goes to where it is needed. Nobody takes anything out for themselves or for expenses. Every penny / cent goes to where it will be effective.

Please, if you can, make a donation to help these poor people caught in the middle of all this madness.

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