Unrest for peaceful Kherson – Please help !!!!!

The work continues for Galina and friends although all around are military helicopters, hardware and civil unrest and theft in the streets.


It is difficult to imagine how a few hundred dollars can help many children and families when the IMF say they will send billions of Euros.

But will this IMF money make ANY difference to the ordinary people, the homeless children and poor families?

Those who need some dollars will not see any.   Please click on the ‘Donate’ above.

Please donate 10, 20 , 50 dollars or Euros, (whatever you can afford) as what you send will go direct to the right people who need help now.


Some idiots have obtained weapons and are taking advantage of the lawlessness since Yanukovych ran away the day after 80 people were killed by his snipers in Kiev’s Maidan Square. These idiots are robbing and killing for things of small value.

But Yanukovych was careful to take a lot of money with him from Ukraine, the country he neglected and further corrupted.


Children are still homeless in the middle of all this chaos and normal people, friends of Galina try to get on with their lives whilst all this goes on around them.

Last year donations managed food distribution as you see below in the picture.

2014 donations are much more important as Peace has been lost.

Donations give distributed food to those who need.

Donations give distributed food to those who need.

Putin has stirred up trouble since his friend Yanukovych ran away from Ukraine to Russia andPutin has bombarded the people of Russia with propaganda so they will not know the truth of his agitation and also possibly interference of Yanukovych in the South and East of Ukraine.

There were Russian troops in Crimea and Putin denied this. Then at the end of April, Putin finally agreed that he lied, those people in Crimea were his people.

Now Putin says that the people causing widespread disruption are not his people (in the East and South Donetsk area and now in Odessa) , but we know what he said about Crimea and how he later admitted his involvement. He looks for an opportunity to follow his disruption with a military move.

The Truth……click on the link here.


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