It may be Summer ………

For many of us it is Summer, we look forward to a break from work, meet friends and family, maybe go to the beach or have a Barbeque.

For homeless children these things that we accept, look forward to and cost us very little, they are simply not possible.






Kherson summer evening







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I have seen homeless children on the streets of Ukraine. They stare at more fortunate children who have an ice cream, that are with a parent.

For them these simple things are not possible.

Nobody is there to feed them, bring a drink when they are thirsty.

They mingle in places where families are with their children, pretend that they are with their families, hope that someone will talk to them.

Kherson various 3 Going intn (1)


Can you imagine living like that?                                      Or only living like this ?

Were you lucky enough to have a happy childhood?

It does not take much to put a smile on a child’s face. They only need to know that somebody, somewhere cares about them.

How long would you survive or manage alone without finding other children in the same difficulties.

Sometimes these children may meet unscrupulous adults who exploit their childhood and vulnerability and IF,…….

IF they are really lucky they will be found by this organization and IF,………

IF they are really lucky they will be saved from further damage and will get some of their childhood returned.

There are many ‘IF’ s in these statements above.

Many disappointments in this situation, but there is hope IF (there it is again) there is enough people in Kherson looking to help them and enough dollars to buy them food, medication and manage their future education.

These children have nothing,………… nobody, …… affection, safety or comfortable place to live.

It may be summer……..can you spare the price of a few ice creams, bottles of water or enough to buy a Big Mac?  This small amount with the help of other like minded people YES IT CAN HELP.

Have a big heart…………whatever you give……life will give back to you in other ways.

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