A Letter of Thanks – For Heating and Roof insulation

Dear friends, on behalf of regional charity foundation “Gavroche” represented by its President Galina Kuleshova and Director Olena Stepura, representative of British Ukrainian diaspora Halyn Tatar , representative of “GAVROCHE” foundation in mass-media Alan Walker!

We turn to you and all the people involved in helping our little ones, who participated in answering our request for assistance, with words of gratitude and respect. Our kids are small but very rich in love and appreciation. Our team is making every effort to create a truly abundant foundation and conditions for our children to bloom. Of course, it’s not easy to financially support all of our projects on reformatting services for our little ones. We try to create home-like parenting condition for living and upbringing. We currently have 70 children aged from 0 to 4 years old. The most important things for a little baby are warmth and love.

The building of our institution was built many years ago and needs repair, replacement and reformatting of the heating system. This requires huge resources, which we, unfortunately, don’t have.

Your help in insulating the roof is invaluable help for us. In our conditions, heat preservation takes an important place in solving problems. The administration is making every effort to ensure that children have everything they need. We constantly need diapers, detergents, food, fruits, vegetables and so on. So big thanks to you, benefactors and sponsors, that are always there. God gave us the opportunity through professional knowledge and skills to help kids who were not lucky enough to be born into a loving family. We hope that together we will be able to give each child love and warmth, as well as happy loving family, where love reigns, where it’s warm and their bellies are full, just like in our institution. But we clearly know that children need family.

We bring to you the most sincere words from our little ones:

We believe that we will be able to walk,

Rejoice, communicate and learn.

We want everybody to understand:

We want to use our right to live!

We want to meet our parent,

To give them love that same moment.

We want to do good for you,

Because you are the best people in our world!

We wish you health and inspiration,

Love and faith in God’s providence.

Let Sofia, wisdom, put on scale

Human love as feathers, not stones.

May Holy Mother cover you with her veil,

Grant you her intercession,

May our Ukrainian people prosper,

May peace reign among all from now on.

With respect and gratitude,

Head doctor Tatiana Yevhenivna, nurselings and team of «Kherson Regional Children’s Home»

November 8, 20 16


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