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Hello all who are interested in helping Ukraine children and specifically those in Kherson.  The people in Kherson who are working hard to improve the lives of many children now have a new Donate button on this website.

You can make a donation , and see the actions taken , on this website and on the Gavroche facebook page.

This new donate button ensures that all donations are accepted in US Dollars and remain in that currency. There will be no bank exchange rate changes as your donation goes to the group in Kherson.

I wish you all the best in life , and if you make a donation you will see the resulting improvement in the lives of children who need your help.

Please send money on the Donate page.


What happened with Gavroche in 2016 ?

In 2016 thanks to the efforts and work in the team “Gavroche Ukraine” the following was accomplished:
1. We received humanitarian aid in the form of 40,000.00 kilograms  of clothes, shoes, medicines, sports equipment and musical instruments. This assistance was provided by a private person from Scotland. Gavroche Ukraine has allocated, distributed and delivered humanitarian aid to orphanages, low-income families, veterans of war, refugees, hospitals.
2. A British-Ukrainian company from London held an annual charity event. 400 Ukrainian non-profit organizations sent their proposals. “Gavroche Ukraine” – Galina Kuleshova – was one of the many who wrote the proposal drafted and won the contest. This project is designed for one year. Until now, the roof had been repaired, and the attic was insulated in order to keep the heat in the orphanage “Malyutka”. In the spring of 2017, the boiler and the heating system will be replaced.
3. Some individuals from Scotland sponsored the replacement of 30 hospital beds in the Regional Children’s Hospital. Gavroche Ukraine ordered these hospital beds, Customs clearance, delivered and installed them in the hospital.
4. A religious organization from Alabama, the United States, sponsored 600 bags of food (each cost was $ 20.00). Gavroche Ukraine bought products, packed them and supplied them to families with low incomes.
5. Gavroche Ukraine took (a) 200 children in the circus (5 groups of 40 children each); (B) 60 children in the aquarium (2 groups of 30 children each); C) 280 children in the cinema (8 groups of 35 children each); And d) 45 children in the theater (3 groups of 15 children each).
6. Gavroche Ukraine held an annual summer camp for 30 children to maintain their well-being. The children were taken to the Black Sea for 7 days and nights. (Alabama USA)
7. Gavrosh Ukraine bought furniture for a family of seven (7) people who were flooded.
8. Gavroche Ukraine bought 3 wheels for the elderly in a nursing home.
9. Gavrosh Ukraine bought a school uniform, shoes and school supplies for 150 children.
10. Gavrosh Ukraine bought the necessary things for 6 families of military shelters.
11. Gavrosh Ukraine provided medical assistance to a sixteen-year-old girl to restore her kidney function.
12. Gavroche U.S.A. Sponsored Gavroche Ukraine to buy a TV, a washing machine and a boiler.
13. Gavroche U.S.A sponsored Gavroche Ukraine to buy clothes, shoes and socks for a group of 17 children from the Regional Children’s Boarding School.
14. Gavroche U.S.A sponsored Gavroche Ukraine to purchase school supplies and diapers for a group of 17 children from the Regional Children’s Boarding School.
15. Gavroche Ukraine bought linoleum for 5 offices in the Regional Children’s Hospital.
16. Gavroche Ukraine bought 2 listening monitors for the regional children’s hospital.
17. Gavrosh Ukraine bought a boiler for the Regional Children’s Hospital.
18. Gavrosh Ukraine visited the nursing home twice a year.
19 . Gavroche of Ukraine collected financial assistance for 2 children from low-income families …
20. Gavrosh of Ukraine constantly conducts biblical lessons in the regional boarding school and shelter Stepanovka
21. Gavrosh Ukraine organized the collection of children from low-income families to school ..
All financial reports were provided and verified by the Kherson auditing firm.
Thank you to everyone who donated, who helped bring many things to Ukraine, who distributed items, gave money and generally gave their time to this worthy cause. This is an investment in the future of children and families in Kherson, Ukraine who need help the most.
Galina Kuleshova
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New way to make a donation.

Please see here we have a new way to make a donation. Follow this link below.

For those who do not like Paypal, this is an easier way to make a one-off donation to Gavroche – Streetchildrenkherson.

For all those lovely people who we know make regular or individual payments through Paypal, this is still a good way and is very much appreciated.

During 2016 the donations had a dramatic effect on installations of new heating, TV and washing machine for the children and structural and insulation improvements to their building.

A huge and ongoing THANK YOU to those who donate from all the children who have benefited.



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More help from far away – 2016 was a year of progress – Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas – thank you for all who made these events happen. this year saw aid coming from a number of places and countries, which made much difference to this quest in Kherson. Galina, by invitation and funding, traveled to South Africa and America , to talk to groups who may give help us and […]

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A Letter of Thanks – For Heating and Roof insulation

Dear friends, on behalf of regional charity foundation “Gavroche” represented by its President Galina Kuleshova and Director Olena Stepura, representative of British Ukrainian diaspora Halyn Tatar , representative of “GAVROCHE” foundation in mass-media Alan Walker!

We turn to you and all the people involved in helping our little ones, who participated in answering our request for assistance, with words of gratitude and respect. Our kids are small but very rich in love and appreciation. Our team is making every effort to create a truly abundant foundation and conditions for our children to bloom. Of course, it’s not easy to financially support all of our projects on reformatting services for our little ones. We try to create home-like parenting condition for living and upbringing. We currently have 70 children aged from 0 to 4 years old. The most important things for a little baby are warmth and love.

The building of our institution was built many years ago and needs repair, replacement and reformatting of the heating system. This requires huge resources, which we, unfortunately, don’t have.

Your help in insulating the roof is invaluable help for us. In our conditions, heat preservation takes an important place in solving problems. The administration is making every effort to ensure that children have everything they need. We constantly need diapers, detergents, food, fruits, vegetables and so on. So big thanks to you, benefactors and sponsors, that are always there. God gave us the opportunity through professional knowledge and skills to help kids who were not lucky enough to be born into a loving family. We hope that together we will be able to give each child love and warmth, as well as happy loving family, where love reigns, where it’s warm and their bellies are full, just like in our institution. But we clearly know that children need family.

We bring to you the most sincere words from our little ones:

We believe that we will be able to walk,

Rejoice, communicate and learn.

We want everybody to understand:

We want to use our right to live!

We want to meet our parent,

To give them love that same moment.

We want to do good for you,

Because you are the best people in our world!

We wish you health and inspiration,

Love and faith in God’s providence.

Let Sofia, wisdom, put on scale

Human love as feathers, not stones.

May Holy Mother cover you with her veil,

Grant you her intercession,

May our Ukrainian people prosper,

May peace reign among all from now on.

With respect and gratitude,

Head doctor Tatiana Yevhenivna, nurselings and team of «Kherson Regional Children’s Home»

November 8, 20 16

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October – New installations

Today (October 9th 2016) we are glad for the installation of the washing machine, water heater and Flat screen TV.

We try out the hot water. But most importantly for the children – we watched cartoons on a new TV … A month ago, the kids and the teachers have dreamed about this day.

The water now warmed the water to wash your hands – and children previously watch movies only occasionally in the neighboring housing …….

Many thanks to the New Orleans church !!!!! 

Thanks to Cristal Rothganger for financing the installation costs.


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Sunday Morning


On Sunday morning begin to call the kids from the orphanage – they are strongly interested -to what time and how many)))) minutes we arrive ……))))))) calls continued all day))))) When answer yet we are here -in tube audible cheers …… They’re waiting … waiting for the guests, waiting for friends, moms waiting ….. waiting … waiting … waiting ….. .With these fun, interesting …. During these meetings, I thank all the people who support our foundation.