Children in Need

In Kherson Ukraine is an organisation which exists only on small donations which come from you.

The organisation (Gavroche) manage on a few thousand dollars per year and a couple of visits from benefactors who come from United States of America. These visitors literally go to homes and help people with money for what they need. They help support an annual summer camp.

This is really an organisation working directly at the point of need. 1601275_476643389108687_1501447026_n

There is no big organisation, no paid managers, this is a lean organisation with no waste.

I am surprised it works at all, but they only manage in limited ways on a small fraction of what they actually need.

Ideally they need over 30,000 dollars a year to deal with everything in Kherson, but currently they have small donations of only one or two thousand dollars over a year, if they are lucky.

Look please at these pages and see true CHILDREN IN NEED.

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Children often with no families, no home and literally in some cases living in the drains in winter or derelict buildings.

It gets very cold in Kherson in winter.  Fifteen degrees below freezing.


They find the children by word of mouth and try to get them to a safe place before they become sick or in serious danger.

YOU can make a huge difference for a few regular payments that you can afford and see the results on these pages.

I know you want to help and it is simple on the Donate page.