Colin Millar – from Scotland to Kherson TV

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Colin Millar lives now in Kelso, about 45 miles South of Edinburgh.
  ‘I have never taken Aid to Ukraine before by road’,
  ‘I will not turn down any offer of help of any kind’. ‘I started in mid January collecting aid and the response was huge. I had to stop taking aid as I do not have enough room to store and process such volumes, my home has turned into packing store. I am not a charity, we are just four people and myself and my fourteen year old daughter started it alone . Most of the aid is new as cost of diesel is so much we cannot take rubbish, we need high value on the lorry’.
Colin Millar.
True to his word, Colin has spent the past 2 months driving from Kelso towards Kherson, Ukraine. Not really knowing what he would find on the way, funding the fuel and taking his own truck, Colin set out with a full truck.
Aid Ukraine Ready to Go 001
 Colin crossed Europe
Cutting a very long story (and journey ) short , Colin arrived in Kherson. Then the fun begins with the Paperwork and after what seems like an endless time, the goods are unloaded to bonded warehouse and handed over to Galina and her StreetChildrenKherson organisation ‘Gavroche’.
Colin with Galina Kuleshova
Colin worked very hard, a man with a big heart who will always be remembered with fondness in Kherson. We hope, if at all possible, Colin will return to Kherson again.
23rd July 2015