Gavroche and Galina visits USA

When a state forgets about its citizens, some people find themselves the opportunity to participate in the help! 

Kherson charitable fund to help children “Gavroche” in America is gathering support for children with disabilities. Well done, may god give you the life force!



Call me a freak or an old-fashioned, but I was very painful to live in a world where nobody cares about each other.
Especially when it comes to children! Therefore, I am filled with gratitude to the people – that the place with me decided to help fund Gavroche !!!! Special thanks to Pastor Herb Kiffa, Oksana Mahecha, Natalia Sorochuk, Peter Barichevu ….. Thank you for your participation, for caring !!!


Огромное спасибо тебе и всем людям,которые участвуеют в этом служении!!! Всем желаю благословений от Бога!!!

Thank you so much to you and to all the people who are in this service uchastvuyeyut!!! I wish you all the blessings from God!!!   – Natalia Selanova