Thousands of Children in 18 years



There were two little sisters – were waiting for me as I come with chocolates every Sunday at the shelter …. now themselves become mothers ……. but  I often recall Caramel))))))


Palgov Il -18 years ago we first met…. now she is a mother of 3 children….she remembers every time of our meeting..


When I hear the phrase-Aunt Galya, hi, and you don’t remember me? – I understand that this is one of my babies, who has become part of our foundation Gavroche.

Tensing up and quickly starting to look through my memory – an orphanage, hospital, boarding school, the children’s home? Where and when did we meet, helped lee?…….. Seeing the dumb question in my eyes, they themselves are beginning to talk about our meeting…. they remember, but most often I fail (((((-it is thousands, yes thousands of children in 18 Years…. but after they talk about their story I realize how important the work, what are we doing…. how they remembered our meetings, every detail, every word!!!

In these moments, I thank you, that with me always are my most reliable friends – Stepura Elena’s test, Natalia, matiyko artem, vera ivanovna kaplina……. but we couldn’t do this without the support of many friends from USA, England, Scotland, Canada, France…….

I wrote this for someone, just so you know-dear friends.

Together – we change the lives of the children of Ukraine……. deep respect to you!!!!